Examples of Plastics field

Kleentek’s proposal to those involved in plastics.

What problems are you having?

  • Expected performance cannot be attained
  • Malfunctions occur while testing
Injection moulding
  • Injection molding unit comprises mechanical parts and a control part (including computers) Since the control part is recently improved in accuracy, the mechanical parts are the trouble issues.
  • Contaminants (oil oxidation products) of oil cause problem.

Major problems

  • Malfunction of servo valves (intermittent interruption)
    Oil oxidation products adhere firmly inside the gap causing valve lock, resulting in operational malfunction
  • Pump problem
    Oil oxidation products clog suction strainers and line filters, causing cavitations phenomenon which in turn induces changes in flow rate and pressure.

ELC can eliminate oil oxidation products, which is impossible to do with filters, and maintain
the oil as clean as fresh oil. Thus, problem such as mentioned above are prevented.

3. Actual case for ELC being responsible for quality improvement


Variation ranges of injection molding conditions before and after oil cleaning with ELC.

Item Before oil cleaning 800 hours after oil cleaning
Cycle time variation range 2 seconds 0.7 seconds
Injection time variation range 1,73 seconds 0.62 seconds
Recovery time variation range 1,63 seconds 0,78 seconds
Pressure variation range 690 PSI 94 PSI

As a result, product failure rate was reduced to 1/6 of the pre-oil cleaning one.