About the use of cookies

On our websites we use cookies (cookies) and other similar technologies. You can choose whether or not to allow our websites to place cookies on your computer. You can change your choices at any time.

Your consent is needed

You decide whether or not to accept cookies on your device. Your consent is required for the use of cookies, but not for such cookies as are necessary to enable the service that you as a user have requested yourself.

If you do not approve of our use of cookies, or if you have previously approved our use and have changed your mind, you can return to your cookie settings at any time and change your choices. You do this by clicking on the cookie button. You may also need to change your browser settings and manually delete cookies to clear your device from previously placed cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that, when connected to a website, is stored in your browser. When we refer to cookies (“cookies”) in this policy, other similar technologies and tools that collect and store information in your browser are included, and in some cases pass such information on to third parties in a manner similar to cookies. Examples include pixels, local storage, session storage and fingerprinting.


The sites will “remember” and “recognize” you. This can be done by placing cookies in three different ways:

The session is out, that is, until you close the window in your browser.
Time-limited, ie the cookie has a predetermined service life. The time can vary between different cookies.
For now, that is, the information remains until you decide to delete it yourself. This applies to local storage.
You can always access your browser and delete cookies already placed.

Third-party cookies

We use third-party cookies on our websites. Third-party cookies are placed by someone other than the person responsible for the website, in this case by a company other than OQC Scandinavia AB.


OQC Scandinavia AB uses external platforms to communicate digitally, including Facebook, Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads and Salesforce. The platforms use both first and third party cookies as well as similar techniques to advertise and follow up on the results of the advertising.


A third-party cookie can be used by multiple websites to understand and track how you browse different websites. We receive information from these cookies, but the information can also be used for other purposes determined by third parties.

Cookies on our websites

In order to give you better control over which cookies are used on the websites, and thus easier to determine how cookies should be used when you visit our websites, we have identified three different categories of cookies. These categories are defined based on the purposes for which cookies are used.

We have identified the following three categories of cookies. In all categories there are cookies which means that data is shared with third parties.

These cookies are necessary for our website to function safely and correctly, therefore they cannot be turned off.

Analysis & function
These cookies give us information about how our sites are used and give us the opportunity to improve the user experience. There are also features that allow us to remember your settings, such as language selection, addresses, etc.

These cookies help us and our partners to display personalized and relevant ads based on your surfing behavior with us, even when you later visit other websites. Cookies in this category are used for targeted marketing and profiling, regardless of which device (s) you have used. Information collected for these purposes can also be combined with the customer and traffic data we have about you, if you have given your consent that we may use your traffic data for marketing purposes and not object to the use of your customer data for marketing purposes.

Cookie Settings

Browser instructions:

We save your choices for 12 months. Then we will ask you again. Note that some cookies have a lifespan exceeding these 12 months. Therefore, you may need to change the settings in your browser and manually delete all cookies.

For more information on how to turn cookies off, see your browser’s instructions.

Do Not Track Signals

If you have chosen to enable the Do Not Track feature in your browser, we will not automatically place cookies for marketing on your device. You make other choices in your cookie settings.

If you block cookies

If you choose not to accept our use of cookies, the functionality and performance of our websites may be impaired as certain features are dependent on cookies. Blocking cookies can therefore cause the websites services to not work properly.