Electrostatic Oil Cleaners (ELC) remove contaminants like oil oxidation products to sub-micron levels and also remove deposits from system internals such as the oil reservoir and pipework.


Our new TP models are the next generation oil cleaners!


Our classic SP models have kept the systems clean since the 90s.

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By staying so close to nature, the will to protect it is strengthened.

Many of the goods and services we provide help our customers improve their environment. We always strive, together with customers, partners and suppliers, to find the best solutions from an environmental point of view in a life cycle perspective. We shall conduct our operations in accordance with applicable legislation and binding requirements.

Benefits of oil purifier

Kleentek electrostatic oil cleaners remove all types of oil contaminants including resins and oxidation products.

  • Increased availability of the machines
  • Higher product quality
  • Better working environment
  • Reduced oil leakage
  • No filter changes
  • Lower handling costs
  • Environmentally friendly

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