Our solid experience along with the finest electrostatic cleaning technology has made us the obvious supplier for some of Scandinavia’s most dependable industries.


With digitalized monitoring system and a higher efficiency we take cleaning to a whole new level.

  • 15kV high-volt transformator that makes it even more effective than before!
  • “Current Preliminary Warning” Adjustable setting of timing and warning levels for easily monitoring the level of contamination or water.
  • “Total Operating Time Screen” for keeping track of lifetime and when to service.
  • USB-Storage.
  • Touch-Panel for better overview.
Guide to correct sizes

In order to choose the cleaner most suited to a specific application, we must consider the oil working conditions, the type of oil, its viscosity and the quantity of oil that needs treating.

Max. oil quantity (litres)
Unit 32 46 68 100
ELC - R100TP 48.000 33.000 22.000 12.000
ELC - R50TP 24.000 16.000 11.000 6.000
ELC - R25TP 12.000 8.000 5.500 3.000

*. Oil viscosity ISO VG

Types of oil that can be cleaned:

  • – Mineral oils (except engine oil and oil HLP-D according to DIN 51524/2)
  • – Synthetic oils (PAO, ester, vegetable, with a standard unit)
  • – Phosphate ester (except Skydrol) and PGA (with a special unit)
Power Size* Weight* Flow Rate* Collector Type*
600 W 530x1066x1080 161 12.0 2/CC-R50SP
500 W 530x725x1080 108 9.0 1/CC-R50SP
150 W 350x675x950 72 3.7 1/CC-R25SP

Size*. (w x l x h) [mm] – Weight*. [Kg] – Flow Rate*.[l/min] – Collector Type*. n/model

  • – Max oil temperature: 65 °C (constant) (H type for temperature up to 90 °C)
  • – Max Viscosity: 600 cst
  • – Max water content removable: 500 ppm
  • – Standard power source: 230 V 1P – 380 V 3P
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Benefits of oil purifier

Kleentek electrostatic oil cleaners remove all types of oil contaminants including resins and oxidation products.

  • Increased availability of the machines
  • Higher product quality
  • Better working environment
  • Reduced oil leakage
  • No filter changes
  • Lower handling costs
  • Environmentally friendly

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